Time to Slow Down

It’s been a pretty tough few weeks, and now it’s time to slow down, in some big ways. Physically I have too–Since I was walking to the pool with my family right before the wedding of a dear family friend when I fell and completely jacked up my foot. Like, seriously. My foot now has some pretty extreme cuts and road rash, and the impact of falling with my entire body weight on my foot has left it bruised, beat up and swollen.

I had been feeling quite overwhelmed and scattered, in regards to work, life, and my spirituality. And the foot incident has been a big wake up call that it’s time to SLOW. THE. FUCK. DOWN. So I am listening in regards to all aspects of my life. Instead of reading 10+ books at once on witchery, I’ve decided to focus on just two (the Poetic Edda and Modern Tarot). And I’ve taken steps to take the necessary care and rest for my foot to heal. Work is still moving at the speed of light, but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Two tangible things that I’ve done is to visit an herbalist, and I’ve been soaking my foot nightly in a Calendula/Comfrey blend soak (wonderfully antiseptic and has sped up the healing process for my extreme road rash). I’ve also been relying on a cane to walk, but also thinking about how this can stands in as a magical wand or staff (My friend Maranda writes amazingly about this). And just trying to find some silver lining in dealing with some very real pain outside of my everyday chronic pain.

Because our witchery can sometimes be found in the most mundane.

What are some ways you incorporate your witchy self into your everyday?


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