Full Moon Feels – Harvest Moon in Pisces

Mercury has finally station direct. I don’t know how y’all have been holding up but it’s been a doozy around here… stress, injury, and mayhem seemed to run rampant on a micro level, and the world, well…. does anything really need to be said?

The full harvest moon in Pisces yesterday coming off the heels of Mercury in retrograde AND the heels of the solar eclipse AND the new moon in Leo has been giving me major feels (perhaps heightened by the fact my sun sign is Pisces and my moon sign is Leo). I am carrying around ametrine (a cool combo crystal of amethyst and citrine), adventurine, and my favorite piece of raw rose quartz, trying to keep the pit of anxiety in my stomach at bay. I have been doing little death breaths at random intervals throughout the day, taking 5 minutes wherever I can to stop, ground myself and dispel negative energy from my body and bring up grounded shields around me. All of this so I can simply do the bare minimum to continue to exist and not lose my shit. Which, on a good day, I am successful at maybe 50% of the time.

But yesterday, under the full moon, I felt the energy shift a little. I made a commitment to show up to the Night Flowers Tarot Collective in the evening and I’m so glad I honored that commitment. I read tarot, and had tarot read for me. The pentacles that have been popping up for months are subsiding, and cups, which I haven’t seen in a long time, are popping up in full force. Wands are starting to show up a bit as well. And it makes sense… as the fall chill starts to drift in the air I always start to turn inward, and fall becomes a time for reflection and emotion, as well as action and crafting. A few more weeks and I have a feeling I may be able to breathe, at least a little, again.

A Slow Holler deck reading for the full moon in Pisces

A Slow Holler deck reading for the full moon in Pisces

Mostly though, I am grateful I was able to be in the company of rad witches I adore last night as life continues to transition. It’s important, being in the company of good people who hold good energy, who hold quietness, who hold stories, and who hold magic. And it was a good reminder to show up for the people and things that calm us, push us, and have the potential to show us how to heal.

What are your goals for the new month? What intentions did you set under the moon last night?


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