A General All-Purpose spread

I’ve been busy laboring in my (non-witchy) vocation, but I finally have a few days off to catch up on life stuff before running out into the woods to camp for a few days (and leading a candle making workshop! Yippie!). But I did come up with a tarot spread to share.

I generally steer away from general spreads if I can, preferring to engage in a bit of conversation and coming up with a (usually) 3-card spread specifically designed for the person I am reading for. But sometimes that approach isn’t viable. Sometimes folks don’t want to just start chatting away about their personal life. Or sometimes their personal life is all sorts of chaos and trying to pinpoint a specific thing to talk about is damn near impossible. That’s when it’s a good to have a general spread arsenal in your pocket.

General-011: The issue

2: What is behind you

3: What is beside you

4: What is before you

5: What is within you

6: The question behind the question

Card 1 clarifies the overall issue to focus on, but is informed by 2, 3 + 4. The last time I did this spread it i drew swords for 1 + 2 and cups for the rest of the spread. The intellectual issues in the swords were of course influenced by the cups (mostly family centered cards). Cards 2-5 focus on your roles and how you navigate the issue. And card 6… well, that’s the heavy hitter. That’s the question behind the question. It can change the reading all together by changing the heart of the issue. It can enhance the reading up to that point. Give it a try and see what you think!






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