Breakfast Witchery

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but I did run off into the woods for a few days and ended up spending time with some of my favorite folks at one of my favorite places. And I ended up doing a bunch of tarot readings, and running a (moderately/ kind-of-sort of but not really) successful candle workshop (also reworking how/ when/ for whom/ I do future workshops). Not a bad way to spend the weekend after the equinox.

In the midst of that I saw a little blip go up on one of my social media feeds asking for self-forgiveness witchy spells/ herbs/ stones etc. I drummed up a few things I could think of and relayed them, and then of course ruminated about it for a week.

The thing about self-forgiveness is, I think, it’s a newer concept and likely more supported by the more neo-pagan branches (this is totally just an educated guess + hunch) where self-care + self-forgiveness language is so prevalent. But what about those of us witches that choose to follow more folklorist or reconstructionist paths where, even when our personal or secular community use this language, our witch paths don’t? I can’t speak for others, but I rely (as i suspect many of us do) on the already paved traditions to inform strategies for spells and rituals that are relevant for the present time.

So. Back to self-forgiveness. I started by looking at general forgiveness, reconciliation, and general sweetness. And then with self. And came up with two very simple breakfast recipes for self forgiveness.

Yogurt with Figs + Honey

Whole Day, Taste Test

Honey (or agave or maple syrup) is the sweetener of choice here. There are threads of figs in reconciliation work here and there-not quite as popular as other fruits, but they are in season where I live and delicious, so I’ll give them their dues. Once I mentioned honey and figs in the same sentence, the yogurt (kite hill…yum…) and breakfast idea just seemed so obvious. Taking the time to thoughtfully put together a nice meal for oneself, while focusing on being sweet and forgiving, and then ingesting the spell while you think about why you are forgiving yourself and what you want to let go of, may be a rather nice way to start the morning.

Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon toast is a comfort food for me, and when I blurted out sugar and cinnamon it’s where my mind naturally gravitated. Sugar is the sweetener of choice here. The cinnamon speaks to prosperity, but also reconciliation and love. I recommend thinking about the reasons why you love yourself while mixing a blend of sugar and cinnamon together to put on your toast, and again, reflecting on forgiving yourself and being sweet to yourself while enjoying your breakfast.

Simple, maybe. But that’s how everyday witchcraft works.





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