“Fuck That Noise” blend

I’ve been wearing a raw black tourmaline pendant, pretty much exclusively, since November, and upped protective magic in my overall practice. I think a lot of us have, tbh. And there’s this thing that I’ve noticed, that when my focus is solely on protective work, with fists raised, I harden so quickly. Because I forget to add a little something to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.* What good is protective magic if we’re not protecting ourselves from shutting down emotionally?

So here’s a simple blend for oil or a spell jar that doubles up on protection from all the hateful noise around us (and within us), while keeping our emotional health at the forefront.


In a 1/2 oz. jar (oil) or 1/4 oz. jar (dry)

1/8 tsp. Dragons blood* resin chips and powder (may replace with 6-9 drops of oil if making an oil)
1/16 tsp. ground Palo Santo wood (may replace with 3 drops of oil if you are making an oil)
3 black whole peppercorns
9 straight pins
Pinch of coarse sea salt
Carrier oil if making an oil

A suggested incantation to say while making the blend:

Dragons blood and peppercorn,
keep me safe and keep me strong.
Palo Santo, for head and heart,
sooth me as I go along.
3 pins help self-doubt decay,
3 pins make others words wash away,
and 3 pins keep the worlds shit at bay.

Happy crafting!

Notes: if you use raw materials for oil, let sit for 3 days before draining, and remember to keep the straight pins in the bottle. Also, as this blend contains black peppercorn, be careful if using it as an oil for candle work. As always, be safe, smart, and sensible.

*I use Dragons blood very sparingly given that it’s habitat is shrinking and it’s not always harvested in environmentally friendly ways. Some suggest a substitution of equal parts red sandalwood and frankincense, though I tend to substitute rosemary or a piece of black tourmaline if they balance in the spell.



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