Such a Saturday Stereotype + a Sunny Soup Stock

I’m excited to be back from my blogging break! I turned in my last paper for my last credit of grad school (Babes! This is so stupid… I had 1 single credit left to graduate and have been putting it off for months but finally just barreled through my last paper and now it’s official. #imdone #fuckyougradschool ). And I at least got caught up to a side gig project. And work is still super busy, but things are pretty much on track so for the first time in two months I feel like I can breathe for a few days.

So I spent the morning being SUPER stereotypical. Helped (that’s debatable tho….) my family get out the door, turned on Wardruna, made some coffee, put in laundry (threw a few dried Calendula petals in there to help wash off the funk), cleaned and reset the kitchen altar (aka windowsill because almost anything can be made into an altar), refreshed the daily offerings on the family altar, started the (magical of course, and super simple) veggie stock in the crockpot, lit an offering to Circe and fumigated the house, and did pestle work while I looked at the incense smoke and meditated for half an hour. Such a fucking stereotype. And all that is to say that sometimes the most mundane things we do can bring us closer to a daily magical practice, or that sometimes double (or triple) tasking can still meditative. It’s like the ultimate graceful juggling of the 2 of pentacles. Takes practice, and certainly we can’t do it all the time, but sometimes it’s the best we’ve got. And sometimes it’s all we need.

Anyways, I digress. And here’s a simple spell/ kitchen witchery tip for us hella busy witches who are always multi-tasking.


A Sunny Soup Stock

I cook with a lot of vegetables in our house, and while we compost, we also save a LOT of the leavins and make vegetable stock, which can be the easiest thing in the word if you have access to a freezer and a slow-cooker. When you’re prepping + cleaning vegetables throw anything that would be decent in a vegetable stock in a reusable seal-able bag and throw it on the freezer. Hint: leave out asparagus (it just gets weirdly funky…), delicate leafy greens like lettuce, and other shit that goes in the compost but not soup like coffee grounds. Keep things like onion peels, kale stems, carrot tops and greens, herbs, etc. Throw veggie scraps in the freezer bag until it’s full (I use a gallon bag because it’s the perfect size for my larger crockpot). Once the bag is full, just empty the whole solid frozen veggie scrap block into your slow-cooker, and add water* until the veggies are just covered (or you have an inch of room to the top edge), turn the slow-cooker on low for about 6 hours, strain out liquid and you have fresh veggie broth. Here’s where we get magical: before you get into making stock, make some sun charged water–I do this by filling up a clear bottle (around 750 ml) with water, dropping in a clear quartz point, singing some praise to Sunna, and setting it outside on a sunny afternoon for a few hours. Then take the quartz point out. That’s it. That’s how I make sun water. it’s easy and you can save it for later, make ice cubes, drink it immediately… whatever. *So before you add in tap water to your crockpot, throw in sun water first. For an extra punch make your sun water and broth on a Sunday (but ya know, we do the best we can, and it still works even if it’s made on a Saturday…) This is great to use during the winter when making soups, rice, cornbread dressing, or whatever else might require vegetable broth. Why? Well, I know it’s not the same everywhere, but in the Pacific Northwest it gets real grey for about 9 months and everyone gets SAD and it can be kinda awful. Using vegetable broth made with sun-infused water can bring us the warmth of the sun in our meals. So thank Sunna for her gifts and warmth when you use your broth to cook, digest the warmth when you take a bite, and feel the warmth radiate from within.

Happy witching, cooking, and multi-tasking!




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