Prisma Visions: an Introspective Deck

The PNW is back to being a soggy grey mess after a week of sun. This Mercury in retrograde is still particularly harsh and kicking the ass of every intuitive and empath I know. The end of the year will be here shortly, and with it brings new opportunities and resolution. But before we get there, we’ve gotta hold space for reflection and letting go of what happened (or didn’t) in 2018.

Which has me looking back to the Prisma Visions tarot. Prisma Visions is one of the first decks I deeply connected with in my journey back into Tarot. And it’s a good one for looking at ourselves, our lives, our dreams, and even our shadow selves. It’s a deck with a LOT of visual information though, and the art edges on a psychedelic journey. I like a lot of visual information, especially when I am working on sorting out a lot of inner clutter, but that’s just a personal style thing.


More than anything The Prisma Visions tarot is overtly empowering. The five of cups becomes about actively letting go. The two of swords becomes about actively looking at and discerning our choices. The Magician openly acknowledges the manipulation that comes with the power to manifest. And Justice speaks to action. And there’s a bonus card… the first edition has “strawberry,” the second “the gift,” the third boasts “illumination.” And also, all the suits line up into 4 beautiful panoramic pieces, and truly highlight the journey of each suit.



The decks predecessor, the Light Visions Tarot, which is a more sepia mono-toned deck, is also available in limited quantity. I thought about grabbing one before they sell out, but as much as I love collecting decks, I had to ask myself what purpose it would serve me that the Prisma doesn’t serve, and ultimately decided to pass.


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