February Last Quarter Moon Tarot Spread

Well, babes, we’ve made it past last week’s super/blue/blood/eclipse/full moon in Leo intensity, and we’ve made it past the heart of winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere. Personally, I had a great ride through the moon (I just let go and dove in, celebrating my own moon in Leo sign) and into Imbolc (one of my favorite markings of the year). It was intense, and a lot of self-doubt popped up, but so did a lot of external affirmations.

And it’s been an introspective week too. I realized as I was sitting down to write this, my week has been filled with long-term relationships…time spent with friends I’ve known for decades, and with Imbolc, thankfulness given to Brigid, the one goddess I’ve consistently honored since I was 14. In short, I spent a lot of time with witches who know me to my core. Just like that new moon in Leo, there is no hiding our shadows when we sit down at a table with those who have known us for so very long. And at the same time, I spent time becoming more connected with new relationships. I see what you did there, universe. How. Very. Fitting.

Which brings us to this time right here, right now. We’re under a last quarter moon in scorpio…which I’ve gleaned has something to do with us all getting to a point where we need to sort out what is working for us, and what isn’t (and TBH I’m not deep into astrology, but lots of other cool folx are…). The days are growing longer. Yeah, it’s still fucking cold out in the northern hemisphere, and, if you’re an a soggy foggy place like the PNW we still gotta get through the incoming and inevitable rain. But the promise of longer sunny days has been given to us.  Now, dear ones, is the perfect time to get those last cobwebs cleaned out of our homes and minds so we can truly give new life room. I mean, the crocuses are already starting to bloom whether we like it or not. So embrace it. Fumigate your house with some dried rosemary and sage. Burn up (or otherwise let go of) those relics from rituals you’ve held on to and no longer need. Tell that nagging little voice in the back of your head that maybe you’re good enough to SFTU and move on. And make a little room for possibilities.

Here’s a tarot spread to help jumpstart that early spring cleaning! I’ve used “The Magician Longs to See” deck, which merges Pixie’s classic with Twin Peaks. I’ve written the card placements as for a self reading, but they can easily be adjusted to be read for someone else. I’ll just call it the “GTFO of my life” spread.



  1. How can I best allow myself to let go of what no longer serves me?
  2. What is holding me back from letting go of this?
  3. What still needs to be resolved in order for me to move on?
  4. How can I best move forward?
  5. What do I need to focus on as I move forward?


Card six in the above spread is a clarifying card based on 5. The 2 of coins, which represents a balance of material duties, can often point to the energy exerted to maintain that balance, and can further point to emotional labor. As that was my ending card, and I certainly can maintain the juggling act, I needed a little extra clarification as to why. Thank goodness for clarifying cards.



Originally posted on the Night Flowers Tarot Collective blog Come see me at a monthly event. I’d love to chat and maybe even go get a damn fine cup o’ coffee and a piece of cherry pie at Twede’s Cafe.

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