Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 10.47.54 AMI call myself an eclectic witch because my blood and ancestral lines converge in ways where, in order to honor my ancestry, my past, and the work I feel called to, I can only be an eclectic witch. Or perhaps, rather, my magic is eclectic. My spirituality sits on the fine edge of a sharp knife of Heathenism and Celtic reconstruction. I am, after all, descended from Celts, Vikings and god-fearing German peasants who lived in Russian ghettos. So, like I said. Eclectic. And in that spirit I say incantations to Brigid, invoke Freyja, lay salt down when I sweep the floor, and burn 7-day candles in my kitchen window.

I studied and pledged myself to neo-celtic practices when I was 15, and individually practiced this path until I was 23. It was at this point I abandoned all religion and embraced atheism. But, when I turned my back on witchcraft I retained my belief that magic could be found in gathering as a community, and there was no better way to to gather than over a shared meal. Kitchen witches focus their practice around the kitchen, and without realizing it, I retained my witchcraft by using my knowledge of herb-lore through the acts of cooking and feeding those I loved.

I reclaimed my place as a witch in my early 30’s, when, perhaps ironically, I was working at a catholic university. It is a path I walk every day and a place where I grow every single day. It brings me joy, cracks my heart open, allows me to breathe and awakens authenticity within me.

I believe in using the magical properties of herbs, stones, candles and our own energy. I believe in the power of stillness and meditation (through more traditional means and through the making of folk arts + crafts). I believe in the energy of the goddesses + gods our collective stories have created and the power they hold. I believe in the power of archetypes + interpretation + intuition + problem solving through divination techniques grown through generations. I believe in the power community + the power of creating in a community + as part of a community. And I believe in spells that draw from household items and folklore that connects us to an accessible practice deeply rooted in the tradition of creating sacred and secure space.

And I love talking about all of it, always, and all the damn time, with anyone that wants to have authentic conversations.

Notes on Tarot readings:

Tarot can be a great tool to offer clarity and direction in our lives, and, although intuitive, I do not declare myself to be psychic. I do not engage in third party readings. Please don’t ask if someone loves you, or if someone is cheating on you. This reading is for you. This is entertainment, and I am not responsible for anything you experience or do as a result of your reading. You are a fully independent sentient being, and your actions and intent carry far more weight than my interpretations of a bunch of ink on paper cards. As always, be safe, be smart, and be sensible.

Notes on spell work, charms, oils, etc:

I retain the right to refuse services purchased for any reason, including if they go against my personal beliefs and moral compass, and will refund the purchase cost. I will under no circumstance perform work that is racist, transphobic, or misogynistic. Got it? Great.

Due to the nature of how magic works, results can not be guaranteed. Although there are well documented use of magic in folklore, my products are sold as curios only. I am not responsible for any given outcome or result. My products etc. are not a substitute for professional medical and healthcare (physical and mental) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease.

Certain oils can irritate the skin. Products are not intended for internal ingestion. Pregnant women should avoid using any products containing essential oils. I shall, under no circumstance, be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind arising from, or in connection to, the use, misuse, or inability to use the materials and products.

I own all rights to all photographs taken for the purpose of client commissioned work. Photographs will be made public and used as educational tools unless client identifying information is present in said photograph. Client’s information and situations will never be made public.

I own all rights to my products and recipes. My items are handmade and may vary from batch to batch depending on availability of supplies. I reserve the right to change my recipes and formulas at any time.

As always, be safe, be smart, and be sensible.