I call myself an eclectic witch because my blood and ancestral lines converge in ways where, in order to honor my ancestry, my past, and the work I feel called to, I can only be an eclectic witch. I am derived from Celts, Vikings and god-fearing German peasants who lived in Russian ghettos. How witchy is that?!? And in that spirit I say incantations to Brigid, invoke Freyja, lay salt down when I sweep the floor, and burn 7-day candles in my kitchen window.

I studied and pledged myself to neo-celtic practices when I was 15, and individually practiced this path until I was 23. It was at this point I abandoned all religion and embraced atheism. But, when I turned my back on witchcraft I retained my belief that magic could be found in gathering as a community, and there was no better way to to gather than over a shared meal. Kitchen witches focus their practice around the kitchen, and without realizing it, I retained my witchcraft by using my knowledge of herb-lore through the acts of cooking and feeding those I loved.

I reclaimed my place as a witch in my early 30’s, when, perhaps ironically, I was working at a catholic university. It is a path I walk every day and a place where I grow every single day. It brings me joy, cracks my heart open, allows me to breathe and awakens authenticity within me.

I believe in using the magical properties of herbs, stones, candles and our own energy. I believe in the power of stillness and meditation (through more traditional means and through the making of folk arts + crafts). I believe in the energy of the goddesses + gods our collective stories have created and the power they hold. I believe in the power of archetypes + interpretation + intuition + problem solving through divination techniques grown through generations. I believe in the power community + the power of creating in a community + as part of a community. And I believe in spells that draw from household items and folklore that connects us to an accessible practice deeply rooted in the tradition of creating sacred and secure space.

And I love talking about all of it, always, and all the damn time, with anyone that wants to have authentic conversations.