Polka Dots + Magic Socks


Last week I had the privilege of seeing Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors at the Seattle Art Museum. Magic comes in many forms. And art has always been, for me, a form in which I not only find magic, but also create magic. It is from that place that I fell in love with Kusama’s work years ago, and from that place that I focused on experiencing her work in person.

I come to Kusama’s work from this place because her work is so deeply rooted in her mental health/ dis-ease (a root devastatingly erased in the Infinity Mirrors exhibit).  She, herself, has said “By translating hallucinations and fear of hallucinations into painting, I have been trying to cure my disease.” As someone who navigates living with depression and anxiety, and as someone who uses art, magic, and art as magic to navigate that terrain, Kusama’s work means so very much, so very deeply.

I felt so much joy standing in her infinity rooms, especially in Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity + Dots Obsession–Love Transformed into Dots. And that is how magic works. It transforms our reality and us. I wanted to be reminded of this long after the exhibit was over. And I knew there was a spell in there somewhere.

As we left the exhibit I stopped by the gift shop, not intending to leave with anything. But then I saw a pair of polka dot socks (I am a huge sucker for socks) and treated myself. When I got home I wiggled small pieces of clear quartz (alternately, I could have taken out a little bit of the seam and sewed it back up once the quartz was in place) into the seams, so they rest behind my knee when the socks are on. Wearing them reminds me of the joy I can strive for and sometimes find. The clear quartz amplifies these intentions. It’s a simple standard spell,  sewing trinkets or herbs into the seams of clothing, but effective. So here’s to polka-dots + magic socks!


Digital cleansing + cleaning spells

A few weeks ago I finished A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing, a lovely little book covering various cleansing and clearing magical practices. From physical space and body cleansing, to spiritual and energy clearing, this book is truly a little gem. I also read it while I was reading The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up (and there is something cathartic about reading both at the same time if you are thirsty for a massive cleaning binge of home and soul). But what about digital clutter? I can get rid of a ton of shit, tidy up things, grid my house with quartz, tourmaline and salt, align my chakra’s, etc. etc. etc. but I’m still going to have an anxiety attack when I log into my gmail and see the 300 unread and 1k+ emails hanging out that need to be filed or deleted.

And I think emoji spells (I am a big fan of pop-culture spell work…) are so totally perfect for digital cleaning, clearing, and cleansing! What could be more fitting? Here’s a few…


In order: To find the strength to plow through an inbox over 1K and organize it • To keep spam out of your inbox (ya know, in addition to unsubscribing from e-lists) • Protection from unwanted communication • To spend less time in the digital realm

Happy digital cleansing, babes!