What People are Saying

Practical Magic

Sitting down to have my cards read by Colleen, I was surprised by how easy it was for our conversation to feel natural and free-flowing. Sometimes, the buildup to a reading can be fraught with emotion, but Colleen’s energy was so grounding that I felt assured that my reading that would be practical and handled with intention. She listened to me speak about what I’ve been seeking lately, then designed a spread that responded to my specific questions.

The “Slow Holler” deck that Colleen used was gorgeous, and as a queer feminist artist, it appealed my taste. Her interpretations of the cards gave me direct points to think about, and I walked away feeling ready to put the reading into action. The imagery of the cards I pulled, along with Colleen’s devotion to witchy practice, made the experience magical and full of twinkling possibilities. At the same time, her energy and communication style made it so that the experience was useful and direct, rather than shrouded in mystery. I will treasure this experience, and feel grateful for the opportunity to process and implement what I learned with Colleen.

-Carly (she/her pronouns), 8/17/17

Office Happy Hour

I just wanted to thank you for doing readings yesterday. Response was overwhelmingly awesome. Everyone felt that their individual readings really resonated with them. So thank you for making it a great afternoon in the office!

-Julep Seattle Office Happy Hour, 1/19,18

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